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BEN’s industry-leading experts and custom-built AI deliver campaigns that connect brands with audiences in a way that advertisements cannot.

Human Expertise Machine Intelligence

Our neural networks are custom-built for entertainment marketing. Paired with the expertise of our industry-leading specialists, they help us better predict and continuously improve the success of your brand integration campaigns across influencer marketing, streaming, TV, and film.


Predictive Analytics

BEN’s deep learning algorithms accurately predict which channels or shows are most likely to deliver views, clicks, engagement, sales, or overall campaign efficacy.

Deeper Engagement

BEN’s AI ensures that brands aren’t just reaching their desired customers, but that these views come from real audiences who are most likely to engage with the content they are watching.


BEN’s proprietary technology can be customized for clients; our neural networks can be trained specifically on client data and optimized to ensure campaign performance.

Unskippable, Unblockable, Unstoppable

We make your brand part of the story, so nothing can come between you and your audience. Brand integrations in TV, film and influencer channels don’t just put you inside the action, they are more effective in driving recall, affinity and purchase intent than traditional TV advertising. And with AI, your integrations are smarter than ever.

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