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BE what your audience is watching.

Not what they can’t wait to skip over. The advertising landscape has changed, and the shift in the way we watch movies, TV, streaming, and digital content means no ads and no interruptions. BEN puts your brand into the programming, so you can tell a bigger, more meaningful story - and create an emotional connection that you can’t get with traditional marketing.

Why BEN?

BEN is connected.

Our extensive relationships with over 90% of Hollywood productions and with A-list influencers allows us to put brands first and be solution-neutral.

BEN delivers authentic integrations.

We’re experts at bringing brands and creators together to deliver iconic brand integrations. Our entertainment marketing solutions cross all screens, building a narrative thread in the stories that real people are watching.

BEN provides industry-leading measurement.

Our industry-leading platform allows us to measure effectiveness across channels and find the right programming fit for your brand, with the highest ROI.

Next-gen predictive analytics.

Utilizing 30 years of industry-leading data, BEN's custom-built, deep learning neural networks increase campaign performance and overall ROI.

BE a part of
the stream.

Not the interruption. BEN partners with the best producers and creators to offer unprecedented reach, insight, and control to make your brand part of the entertainment consumers are talking about.

BEN’s technology gives your brand an edge.

Tracking ROI in entertainment has always been more art than science - until BEN set the standard for measuring brand integrations across streaming, TV, film, music video, and influencer programming. BEN’s simple and intuitive technology helps you:

  • Target audiences across multiple content platforms
  • Discover integration possibilities by searching and filtering hundreds of content opportunities
  • Create media plans and assign integrations to your campaign
  • Predictive analytics to help increase campaign effectiveness and overall ROI