“Why Working with Digital Influencers is More Powerful than TV Advertising” Panel feat. Ricky Ray Butler and Shirley Richter

Debuting in Tokyo, Advertising Week Asia is a hybrid of inspiring thought leadership with legendary entertainment and special events that celebrate the industry and its people. Advertising Week Asia draws from the brand, media, marketing, technology and broader Asian cultural communities while focusing on key business drivers, issues and conversation that shape and influence the global industry.

The BEN team made their way to this year’s conference and took the stage to host their session titled, “Why Working with Digital Influencers is More Powerful than TV Advertising”. As Ricky Ray Butler likes to say, “There is a paradigm shift” and we were honored to help educate the audience not only about the value of influencers, the impact they can make, but how to actually work with them to communicate an organic message.

“I’d like to tell you today that this industry with influencers should not be seen as social media. It shouldn’t be seen as digital advertising. It should be seen as the alternative to Television.” Ricky Ray Butler

This year our team has traveled the globe rapidly and we were so grateful for our time in Asia. BEN looks forward to seeing the shift across the globe as the industry continues to pay attention to the power of influencers.