The BEN team returns to Canada

Earlier this summer, the Branded Entertainment Network (BEN) was invited to host a panel at the Banff World Media Festival. This week we found ourselves returning to Canada, but this time to Toronto where the nextMEDIA conference was held.

nextMEDIA is Canada’s leading digital media conference and networking event focused on the creation, distribution, and monetization of digital media content and technology. Over the course of two days each year, nextMEDIA connects interactive and online producers, creators, distributors, and marketers and facilitates meetings connecting key players in the media industry and beyond. nextMEDIA is also host to the renowned Digi Awards, a culmination of a nationwide competition highlighting Canada’s most successful digital media companies and creators.

The BEN team was not only asked to speak once, but we had three team members out to represent and share their vast knowledge on all things integration, entertainment and influencer. Caressa Douglas (VP of Branded Integration), Greg Alleger (Director of Digital Media), and Meredith Jacobson (East Coast Head of Digital Partnerships) all shared their insight on stage across the two-day conference.

Attendees this week consisted of network executives, brand and agency leads, producers and influencers.

A brand can help move a story forward. - Caressa Douglas
61% of 18-24 year olds are consuming their video on devices. You gotta adapt. - Greg Alleger