YouTube Prankster talks about the importance of working with brands, and their favorite YouTubers

BEN was able to catch up with one of Youtube’s original pranksters and his family to talk about sponsorships, channels his children look up to, and even about the 1950’s.

Jack opened up by talking about how important working with brands is to the growth of a YouTube channel. Jack mentioned that working with brands allows the creator more freedom in finding and filming bigger and better content.

Jack and his family also talked about the YouTubers that they looked up to. Which included Tom Mabe, Madilyn Bailey, and the Shaytards.

We asked the question if they could go anywhere in a time machine, where would it be. Jack and his children all said being a teenager in the 50’s would be their choice, while Sherry said that because the music and clothes were the best, that she would want to go back to the 80’s.