Baskin-Robbins Always Finds Out


Baskin-Robbins was looking for a creative way to reach their target audience of 15-25 year olds and were searching for opportunities within brand integration across all verticals.


Ant-Man was a perfect audience match for Baskin-Robbins and being a part of this successful global Marvel franchise gave the client guaranteed blockbuster impressions. Previously scripted for another category, we negotiated the revision of the scene to feature Baskin-Robbins since it was a natural fit for Paul Rudd’s character.


Upon the theatrical release, Baskin-Robbins had 3 premium integrations, 5 verbal mentions, and social promotional support. The audience liked the integration so much that they created their own viral memes and apparel that touted the phrase, “Baskin-Robbins always finds out” which lead to 1.6K retweets and 2.6K favorites. Overall the integration generated 64.9M views resulting in $6.5M in media value ROI for the client.