So Good, it’s Unreal


Jose Cuervo and their parent company Proximo Spirits challenged us to actively seek integration opportunities featuring exciting and fresh content that is topical and fun. Their core demographic is males between the age of 23-34 that have an uninhibited zest for life.


The BEN team identified a unique opportunity in the show “Documentary Now” featuring Bill Hader as a member of the legendary (faux) rock group, The Blue Jean Committee. In this two-part season finale on IFC, the producers created a “where are they now” style segment where band member Clark (Bill Hader) shares that he has profited from BJC memorabilia, including a limited edition Jose Cuervo collaboration which paid for his swimming pool. The BEN team facilitated custom assets – Jose Cuervo bottles with blue denim labels – which were later gifted to the cast. The brand got into the mockumentary spirit by promoting the show on Twitter, quipping that the limited edition bottles featured were “literally unreal.”


Jose Cuervo was able to be a part of true storytelling by working hand in hand with the writers of “Documentary Now”. Upon the completion of the episode, the social extensions really helped the story come to life. It was a great example of how a brand can take things a step further, and build a unique and memorable experience with audiences as well as the cast members of the show.