The Perfect Vodka for the Perfect Remodel


Hangar1 wanted to target Adults 25-40 years of age who were trendy, sophisticated, modern and fresh. Their brand specifically identified with interests in Indie, hipster and foodie lifestyles. Through integration efforts, they hoped to connect with their target consumers in a memorable way


IFC’s Emmy Award-nominated “Portlandia” made its immediate impact on popular culture through a gentle, good-natured lampooning of ever-shifting hipster culture and was the perfect opportunity to exemplify the Hangar1 brand.


The BEN team recognized and arranged the opportunity to weave Hangar 1’s unique brand story within a premium placement that served to elevate the tone of Portlandia’s curated surrealism to an average of 1.1 million viewers. The bottle and label are not only artistically framed as a show piece, just as Carrie’s Hangar 1 dialogue call out isn’t merely a name-drop — the branded bottle contributed real value to the Portlandia narrative in a way so many other brands wouldn’t..