Chatbooks captures 6x increase in acquisition scale.



Drive installs of the Chatbooks’ mobile app and increase new purchases of the company's popular user-generated photo books.


A combined effort of AI and BEN’s expert team accurately predicted the number of views across YouTube and Instagram for each influencer prior to use, helping maximize budget by allowing a higher volume of creators. BEN’s AI also revealed that influencer channels with interior design and family-related content would perform the best, and subsequent brand integrations increased their customer acquisition from influencers.


BEN scaled the number of Influencer-driven acquisitions by over 6x, and efforts show many of the customers became repeat buyers. There has also been an average 2.6x organic lift in customer acquisitions. As a result, Chatbooks allocates 15% of their marketing budget to influencer marketing.

"The ability for AI-driven influencer marketing to scale has been exceptional. This has become one of our best-performing channels." — Gerardo Castillo, Director of Performance Marketing at Chatbooks

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