Gaming influencers drive 200K unique users to Earth To Echo game trial and 6 million video views.




Relativity Media challenged the BEN team to find ways to increase buzz around their film, Earth to Echo, especially with the preteen demographic.


“Minecraft is extremely popular among the preteen demographic, so BEN suggested the creation of a Minecraft mini-game. BEN worked with Relativity Media to develop a custom Minecraft mini-game that allowed gamers to play the plot of Relativity's film“Earth to Echo” before the film's release. This mini-game helped promote the film, and let informed audiences of the premise know what the film was about, and when it would be released in theaters. BEN worked with many top Minecraft YouTube channels to play the mini-game, and post videos showing off the game and promoting the film’s release to their viewers while posting videos of their own experience with the game. BEN also worked with a Minecraft animator to create a Minecraft-style animation of the official trailer. This was posted on “Earth to Echo's” YouTube channel.


The campaign included 32 YouTube videos, which have earned over 6M views. Over 200,000 unique users played the custom Minecraft mini-game twice, and the campaign inspired hundreds of organic gameplay videos. The Earth to Echo trailer used in the gameplay videos increased by more than 1.7M views over the course of the campaign.


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