Cross-cultural “Get It On” Challenge drives 10M+ views for Pepe Jeans


Creators garnered global views and engagement as users participated in this fun challenge by Pepe Jeans


Pepe Jeans needed to reach local YouTube and Instagram influencers across Spain, France, Italy, Germany, UK, Mexico, Portugal, and the Netherlands to globally promote their “Get It On” challenge – in other words, get their pants on without using their hands..


The BEN team partnered with influencers that forewarned their audiences via twitter that they would be attempting a fun challenge soon. Following this, videos were posted within the first few days of the release of the “Get It On” challenge microsite. Influencers encouraged their viewers to try and submit their challenge attempts to Pepe Jean’s microsite where they would be entered to potentially win a pair of Pepe’s Powerflex Superstretch Jeans.


Influencers attempted this challenge in 7 different languages across YouTube and Instagram. The YouTube videos garnered over 8 million views meanwhile the Instagram posts collected 9.4 million in reach.

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