Multi-platform Jimmy Kimmel Live! integrations collect nearly 12 million video views for KFC.

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Fried Chicken Week with Jimmy Kimmel


KFC tasked the BEN team to find integration opportunities that would keep KFC relevant among young males and families. Their goal was to remind people what makes KFC and its food so special as they approached a rebrand scheduled for May of 2015.


The BEN team partnered with Jimmy Kimmel’s writers and cooked up a five-night Fried Chicken Week brand integration on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Every night, Kimmel and fan-favorite sidekick Guillermo kept viewers coming back for seconds and passing around clips of on-air bumpers, comedy sketches and irreverent hosted segments — such as convincing Top Chef alum Edward Lee to give up his perfect fried chicken cooking segment to share a bucket of the Colonel’s best.


The five-night Fried Chicken Week celebration not only aired on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, but syndicated across Kimmel’s social and online platforms — reaching cord-cutting viewers through their branded YouTube and Facebook channels. Through the integrations, KFC collected over 11.7M views and were able to reach viewers through multiple platforms to effectively drive home their messaging.

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