Concurrent influencer campaigns capture over 75 million views and multiple awards for Just Dance.


Making Moves with Top Influencers


Just Dance challenged BEN to create gameplay, creative, and music videos to promote and push traffic to each iteration of the Just Dance game.


BEN has worked with top influencers like Tyler Oakley, Kurt Hugo Schneider, REACT, Logan Paul, and many others to promote Just Dance. BEN has worked with influencers to host a Just Dance themed homecoming, coordinated with beauty gurus to attend a Just Dance Fashion show at New York Fashion week, created a Fine Brothers teens REACT video, organized multiple cover music videos, and worked with Logan Paul to create the most popular branded Vine. BEN helped find creative solutions for each Just Dance game.


Over the years BEN has worked with influencers to generate over 75M views for the Just Dance games with dozens of pieces of content. The campaign generated many awards including:

  • Just Dance 2016 won Silver at the 2016 GMAs for “Outstanding Overall Marketing Campaign - Rated ‘E’ Games”
  • Just Dance 2016 won Bronze at the 2016 GMAs for “Outstanding Overall Marketing Campaign of the Year (All Inclusive)”
  • Just Dance 2015 & Tyler Oakley won Gold at the 2015 GMAs for “Best Use of Influencer Integration”

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