Hosted event boosts organic mention amplification for Jose Cuervo with over 12 million impressions.


Jose Cuervo amplifies its organic mention


Jose Cuervo wanted to amplify the organic mention of Jose Cuervo in Beyonce’s song “Formation” through celebrities and digital influencers.


Jose Cuervo created shirts and sweatshirts that said “Cuervo No Chaser” which were seeded to celebrities and digital influencers to help gain awareness. BEN also assisted with throwing Cinco de Mayo events in both LA and NYC for digital influencers to attend and create organic social media moments.


BEN secured influencers Brittany Furlan and @DaddyIssues on Instagram to host the Los Angeles Cinco de Mayo event around Cuervo No Chaser. From the event, Cuervo received over 12 million impressions from social media alone. Pop singer Ellie Goulding also posted an organic photo on her Instagram account reaching over 12.2 million followers.

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