Noom increases conversion by 323% with BEN.



Drive sign-ups for the ‘Healthy Habits’ program using AI-driven influencer integrations.


BEN’s AI identified the best expected conversion rates for influencers from all different types of verticals in order to deliver the lowest cost-per-acquisition campaign possible. Over time the AI continued to optimize based on performance rates of the top creators and verticals, discovering groups and channels that wouldn't have been used otherwise. It also informed creators of things to mention or do in the videos to ensure the best results.


Conversion rates increased exponentially, growing 323% in the first three months. Using AI-driven insights on best-performing verticals and highest-engaging content, Noom saw their CAC decrease 37% month-over-month. In year one, BEN became a leading affiliate partner, driving the most month-over-month conversions for the brand compared to other partners.

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