Not Your Everyday Let’s Play


BEN developed a series of influencer videos promoting a new feature


BEN was challenged by Telltale Games to create a campaign that took a step beyond a typical let’s play gaming campaign in order to promote Minecraft: Story Mode’s episodic release.


BEN worked with Telltale Games’ agency, Tangible Media, to challenge gaming content creators, like The Diamond Minecart, to bring Minecraft: Story Mode into Minecraft proper.

Gamers built characters & monsters from Story Mode in Minecraft and challenged their viewers to do the same. The influencers looked at all of these submissions from fans on social media and showed their favorite fan-made creations in a second Story Mode video building up a dialogue with their audience through online engagement.

In addition to gaming influencers, BEN and Tangible Media also coordinated with family vloggers to show off Minecraft: Story Mode as a fun game to be played with family and friends successfully reaching out to a secondary market of viewers and consumers.


BEN coordinated over 30 videos for 25 million views with an overall approval rating of 97.4%. The campaign was massively successful and both influencers and viewers were extremely excited about the content. The videos received 4X the campaign view goals. Hundreds of viewers took up the challenge and made their own Minecraft: Story Mode creations and let the influencer’s know on social media. 400K+ additional YouTube views were created by this user-generated content.


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