BEN’s custom, collaborative AI improves Philo’s CTR by 172% and conversion efficiency by 10x.


Over the course of the campaign, BEN’s deep learning algorithms delivered standout lower-funnel results for Philo.


Philo desired to drive subscriptions to their streaming television service by leveraging influencers to spread the word.


We activated 74 sponsored pieces of content in a six month time span while running influencers through our AI model to find the influencers that drove the highest click-through-rates (CTRs). 


Over the course of the campaign our proprietary neural networks improved client CTRs by 172%.  The higher CTR allowed us to reduce the number of views it took for Philo to acquire subscriptions by 1000%, delivering a lower cost per subscription to the client.

This resulted in Philo increasing their subscription conversion efficiency by nearly 10x. 

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