Influencer integrations gain 16 million video views and 235K engagements for bgC3.


The Launch of the 2016 Gates Annual Letter


The Bill Gates Catalyst 3 asked BEN to maximize awareness for the 2016 Gates Annual Letter and to persuade viewers to engage with the Annual Letter during its release. Unlike previous years, Bill and Melinda Gates targeted the 2016 Annual Letter at younger audiences by talking about “Two Superpowers We Wish We Had”.


BEN worked with passionate digital influencers to create content about what superpower for good they wish they had. BEN also worked with a wide variety of channels including family vloggers, science/education channels, and young lifestyle vloggers who passionately believed in this project and were excited to get their large audiences engaged with the letter as well by making their own videos.


The videos saw great success with over 16M views and a 95.8% approval rating. The Instagram posts received over 235,000 engagements. The campaign also extended to Instagram pushing the #superpowerforgood, which now has been used in over 370 Instagram posts..


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