Optimization of custom AI model produces over 1 million qualified leads for Swagbucks.


We continue to optimize our custom AI model to drive higher lifetime quality leads for the brand.


BEN was tasked to promote Swagbuck's rewards program via YouTube and Instagram influencers in order to build Swagbuck’s userbase. 


We developed a targeted cost per acquisition model to drive new users of the Swagbucks product. To do so, BEN built a custom AI algorithm for Swagbucks in order to make the most cost effective spends by selecting influencers based on predictive results.  The campaign continues to optimize client spend by testing other platforms and verticals to find influencers that drive user acquisition at the lowest cost.


BEN has worked with Swagbucks for over 2 years across multiple influencer verticals and platforms. Our two year partnership has produced a 200% ROI on media spend, 160 million views, and over 1 million qualified leads. We continue to optimize our model to drive higher lifetime quality leads for the brand.

How Swagbucks Drove a Million Qualified Leads


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