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Branded Entertainment Network Continues Record Year with Highest Grossing Quarter Ever

Branded Entertainment Network announced today that the company is continuing its record-breaking year with April-June 2018 being its highest grossing quarter in BEN Group’s history. The company is on pace to increase its 2018 annual revenue by ...

By  Company Press Release   On  08/01/2018

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The Definitive Guide to Brand Integration

With more than 35 years of experience under our belt, we have learned that the most effective brand integration needs to be planned and executed as a holistic strategy, stresses Ricky Ray Butler, CEO at BEN.

By  Ricky Ray Butler   On  07/06/2018

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Why Marketers Should Let Brand Integration History Repeat Itself

Today's entertainment outlets are ripe for product placement and brand integration -- but it has to be relevant, stresses Caressa Douglas, BEN SVP of Global Strategic Partnerships.

By  Caressa Douglas   On  06/15/2018

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How is Twitch a Viable Opportunity for Brands and Influencers?

Twitch's specialization ‘video games, pop culture, and conversation’ won’t appeal to everyone, but those that get it, love it, and that’s why by the close of 2017 Twitch was hot on the heels of YouTube, boasting hundreds ...

By  Ricky Ray Butler   On  06/14/2018

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Branded Entertainment Network Visits the NASDAQ

When it comes to viral video, CEO of Branded Entertainment Network Ricky Ray Butler doesn't believe in one-hit wonders. We talked about working with influencers and creating successful campaigns on NASDAQ's Social Media Geek Out.

By  Wes Morton   On  06/14/2018

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June is rapidly approaching and we’re heading into a busy month here at BEN! But don’t worry, we’ve covered everything below for you so that you don’t miss a beat.

By  Jessica Armstrong   On  05/29/2018