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Faux Influencers. Are They Just Like You?

Brands that align themselves with the right personalities will see real engagement, not the fake kind.

By  Jake Maughan   On  10/31/2018

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How Brands Can Play the Driving Role in the Evolving Influencer Marketing Arena

Fueled in part by an expanding ability to gauge performance across all media, influencer marketing has actually become one of the most measurable of the entire media mix.

By  Kelvin Cery   On  10/23/2018

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Branded Entertainment Network Brings Deep Learning Technology To Its Leading Entertainment Marketing Campaigns

BEN has built industry-tailored neural networks to help brands improve the success of campaigns across premium influencer, streaming, TV, and film content.

By  Company Press Release   On  10/17/2018

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A Closer Look at Binge-Watching & Streaming

"What are you watching right now?" It's a common question to ask your friends these days. To keep you up to speed, we put together two handy infographics on the top streaming and most binged shows for ...

By  BEN Insights   On  10/05/2018

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Influencer Integrations Drive Campaign Success

Over the last year, BEN has measured the effectiveness of numerous influencer campaigns. Here's what we found.

By  Jessica Armstrong   On  09/28/2018

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Five Steps to Making the Most Impact from Influencer Marketing

While influencer marketing has become the go-to tactic for many marketers over the past five years, brands often continue to view the strategy as opportunistic one-off campaigns.

By  Ricky Ray Butler   On  09/25/2018