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The Show Must Go On

The age old saying “The Show Must Go On” is more applicable than ever in today’s world.   When shutdown measures went into effect on March 13th, no productions in the LA area were unaffected.  For weeks, all production halted.  Only the news continued with Talk Shows like Colbert, Fallon, and the Daily Show adapting[...] Learn More

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Brand Opportunities in Post-Production

Many client opportunities arise during the later stages of production that may not have existed during physical production.  One of the corner stones of our business is building relationships and providing continuous support for a production throughout the life cycle of a project.  As we worked with the filmmakers on “The Wedding Year” our support[...] Learn More

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BEN at Cannes Lions 2019

Welcome to our hub for everything you need to know about BEN’s involvement in Cannes Lions 2019. WHO, WHAT, WHEN & WHERE Aside from the festival itself, we’re involved in a number of different events over the course of the week including The Drum Arms, Brand Innovators, and RTL Adconnect. Explore our schedule below to[...] Learn More

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Why Non-Gaming Companies Should Reach Gaming Audiences

66 percent of the US population plays video games, according to Nielsen, and in 2017 Business Insider reported Americans spent a total of $36 billion on the gaming industry. Brands that don’t get involve risk getting left behind.

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