4 Tips for Producing Standout Holiday Creator Campaigns

You’ve probably already seen Christmas decorations on shelves at your local store. Believe it or not, national retailers started rolling out end-of-year holiday items and Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals as early as October this year. With holiday shopping and festivities kicking off earlier than ever, marketers are already in the midst of planning[...] Learn More

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More Than Just A Product: Here’s Why Your Brand Values Matter

From Nike partnering with civil rights icon Colin Kaepernick to Victoria’s Secret’s recent pro-women rebrand, companies are no longer staying silent on issues that matter. And with good reason: Consumers are more socially conscious than ever before.  Nearly 60% of Americans believe brands should take a public stance on social justice, racial discrimination, and environmental[...] Learn More

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As Creators Become More Community-Oriented, Where Do Brands Fit?

Since the early days of social media, follower count has been used as one of the most important measures of success for creators. Brands looked to partner with the biggest names on every platform—and to grow their channels quickly, creators were incentivized to pump out trendy content and go viral. But recently, we’ve seen some[...] Learn More

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3 Tips for Activating Creator Campaigns in the Metaverse

The metaverse has become an imaginative testing ground for online gaming, social media, and virtual and augmented reality. But as an emerging and largely unexplored medium, there’s a growing opportunity for brands to jump into the metaverse, too. With the metaverse market expected to continue skyrocketing in size and value—research predicts its value of $500[...] Learn More

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AI Can’t Replicate Creativity—But It Can Improve It

In the world of influencer marketing, creative AI can aid both sides of the industry by enabling brands to reach their audiences while giving creators the freedom to focus on their craft. The result? Productive brand-creator relationships that generate more impactful content, driving better engagement and conversions across the board.

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