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Susan G. Komen Partners with BEN for Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Top talent such as Richie Le, OKBaby and Ashely Nicole will help educate audiences around the realities of the disease, bringing awareness and opportunities to fight back.

By  Press Release   On  10/03/2018

FEATURED: Influencers

Five Steps to Making the Most Impact from Influencer Marketing

While influencer marketing has become the go-to tactic for many marketers over the past five years, brands often continue to view the strategy as opportunistic one-off campaigns.

By  Ricky Ray Butler   On  09/25/2018

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How Visual Experiences Can Make a Brand’s Influencer Strategy Stand Out

By integrating their events and influencer marketing strategies, brands can take a decent sized event and transform it into a global one with tens of millions participating, in real life and online.

By  Ricky Ray Butler   On  09/18/2018

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Keep a Step Ahead: Embrace New Social Media Platforms for Influencer Marketing

Times change swiftly in the world of marketing and advertising, so how easy is it to apply our existing influencer marketing savvy to the inevitable onslaught of new social media platforms and opportunities? Here are a few ...

By  Mark Bassett   On  08/28/2018

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Branded Entertainment Network Continues Record Year with Highest Grossing Quarter Ever

Branded Entertainment Network announced today that the company is continuing its record-breaking year with April-June 2018 being its highest grossing quarter in BEN Group’s history. The company is on pace to increase its 2018 annual revenue by ...

By  Company Press Release   On  08/01/2018

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BEN Cares Volunteer Day

Branded Entertainment Network organized volunteer days in New York, Los Angeles, and Provo to serve our communities that support us.

By  Jessica Armstrong   On  07/26/2018