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Why Marketers Should Let Brand Integration History Repeat Itself

Today's entertainment outlets are ripe for product placement and brand integration -- but it has to be relevant, stresses Caressa Douglas, BEN SVP of Global Strategic Partnerships.

By  Caressa Douglas   On  06/15/2018

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How is Twitch a Viable Opportunity for Brands and Influencers?

Twitch's specialization ‘video games, pop culture, and conversation’ won’t appeal to everyone, but those that get it, love it, and that’s why by the close of 2017 Twitch was hot on the heels of YouTube, boasting hundreds ...

By  Ricky Ray Butler   On  06/14/2018

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Super Heroes, They Use Brands Just Like Us

As audiences celebrate the 10th anniversary of the widely successful Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is easy to forget that Marvel came to life from pen and ink to big and small screens over a few short years.

By  Aaron Frank   On  06/05/2018

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June is rapidly approaching and we’re heading into a busy month here at BEN! But don’t worry, we’ve covered everything below for you so that you don’t miss a beat.

By  Jessica Armstrong   On  05/29/2018

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BEN CMO Discusses Brand Integration, Product Placement, and Influencer Marketing

In the podcasts, Greg Isaacs, the Chief Product and Marketing Officer, discusses what led him to the BEN Group, why large brands are moving their advertising budgets from TV to product integrations on streaming services like Netflix, ...

By  Greg Isaacs   On  05/22/2018

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BEN Announces Record Revenue and a Host of New Clients

BEN’s Record Revenue Bolstered by New Client Wins and Deal Extensions, and Will Expand Client Development Team

   On  05/01/2018