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Anatomy of a Product Placement

Refrigerators aren’t movie stars, but they can pose a particular problem when they have a cameo onscreen. When Larry David casually opens the door in “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” those shelves need to be full of food and drink, and each one of those items is likely to have a brand: Perrier sparkling water, Pacific chicken[...] Learn More

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Celebrating Pride Month with Entertainment to Watch

Every June we celebrate Pride Month – a time to reflect on the progress we’ve made as a society and recognize the work still needed to create a more inclusive world for all. In honor of Pride Month, we are pleased to showcase our favorite content highlighting LGBTQ+ characters, stories, and artists.

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Going Global — Our May ‘What To Watch’ Guide

We’re taking it worldwide this May and sharing what to watch from phenomenal regions cranking out binge-worthy content. Explore these titles with us to get another point of view as we span the globe in this month’s guide.

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