How BEN is Becoming a Force for Change

Brands can help change the hearts and minds of millions online. These are the steps we're taking to become a force for change in the fight against hate speech and misinformation.

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What to Watch on HBO Max

The end of May introduced the newest streaming service to enter the ring: HBO Max. The launch was essentially a rebrand of HBO Now, cutting the cord on requiring a cable subscription for users to access content. While there’s not much in the realm of “new” content, HBO Max is loaded with fan favorites beloved[...] Learn More

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You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat: Movies to Watch Right Now

Films have always provided a means of escape, a journey to the unknown and spectacular, the chance to dream and experience something outside our own reality. We put together a list of the best movies you can stream right now, knowing that if we built it, you would come (Field of Dreams, anyone?). In other[...] Learn More

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United Kingdom: Our Guide to the Funniest Streaming Content

To lighten up the home viewing experience, we present a comprehensive guide to British (and non-British!) comedy. This time, our team focused on something we can all use more of these days: comedy!  Our recommendations are broken into categories from family-friendly to rewatchable favourites and stand up, as well as top picks for what to[...] Learn More

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Educational Entertainment: Our ‘What to Watch’ Guide for Documentaries

Who says entertainment should be strictly entertaining? Each year, directors and producers from around the world with unique passions, experiences, and cultural backgrounds help us see the world through a different lens for just a moment. Their documentaries open up our eyes to the beauties and realities of the world around us, captivating and educating[...] Learn More

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What to Watch on Quibi… in Less Than a Quibi

With the announcement of an upcoming TV-casting feature (finally!) AND a star-studded cast of quality shows available since launch, Quibi has a lot to offer that shouldn’t go unlooked. So however and wherever you decide to get your Quibi on, here’s our list of the best shows now. Top Picks Reviews in Less Than a[...] Learn More

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Streaming Content to Make You ROFL

To brighten our spirits a little, we bring you the next edition of the “What to Watch” guide. This time, our team focused on something we can all use more of these days: comedy!  Our recommendations are broken into categories from binge-worthy classics, streaming originals, stand-up comedy specials, family-friendly viewing, and of course… your favorite[...] Learn More

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