Creator Marketing

We build connections between creators and brands to develop content that matters

Why BEN?

We find inspired brand partners who are ready to create, grow, and build influence with you.

At BEN we:
1. Respect creators as artists
2. Take on the heavy lifting of identifying the right brand partners
3. Advocate for what’s most important to creators
4. Empower creators to do what they love
5. Collaborate with creators on a blueprint for success

How is BEN’s Approach different?

Your audience sits at the center of our approach

BEN uses a combination of proprietary AI and our team’s decade-long expertise to identify the exact audience to meet a brand partner’s needs. We use this audience level data to develop strategies for branded content that actually resonates with your fans.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continually inspire and empower you to create entertainment, content, and art.

At BEN, we want to celebrate, serve, and empower the creator community because your voices matter. If we help creators flourish, so do your communities and cultures. We cultivate connections with brands that share your vision, and aim to become part of the stories you tell. We’ll continue to architect an industry that builds relationships between brands, creators, and your audiences, furthering the greatest art form of our time. Because you don’t just influence us. You’re changing our world.

Our Creator Community

BEN Social Media

Creator Day - April 23, 2022

International Creator Day is an opportunity to celebrate content creators across tiers, industries, and interests that have made an impact on our lives. The creator community does so much good. Every day, you share a slice of your world, welcoming us in from all corners of the world. You inspire us, educate us, entertain us, and comfort us in times of need. You raise awareness about important topics, clue us in to key trends on social media, and make us laugh. You deserve to be celebrated.

Join us in honoring all creators worldwide during a special livestream on April 23,2022!

BEN Social Media

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