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We know how time-consuming it can be to find and engage with brands who will support your creative vision. Simply put: if it isn’t authentic, your audience won’t watch and the brand’s message won’t resonate. That’s why we take the headache out of brand partnerships, bringing you opportunities with brands built on transparency and trust.

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Because we can connect the movers, shakers, and creators of popular culture with great brands, you can access the resources you need for your upcoming creative projects.

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We know the best way to create compelling programming is to let creators tell the stories the way they want. Our experience and reputation help bring brands and content creators together.

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We can help you market your ideas and give your message a boost with a roster of brand partnerships that help grow your audience and get your message heard.

Understanding Your Audience

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BEN is a proud sponsor and partner of the Producers Guild of America. Since our founding, we remain committed to transparent, authentic, and rewarding brand partnerships to move your stories forward.

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