Be the Entertainment, Not the Interruption

Make your brand the star of the show and connect with your consumers more effectively. We combine 40+ years of experience with our exclusive relationships to the Producers Guild of America and other worldwide productions — along with our advanced AI technology — to help your brand shine.

Product Placement Makes a Difference

48% lift in store visits from exposed audiences

10 integrations hit Netflix’s Top 10 list

29% lift in sales from exposed audiences

Multiply Your Reach with AI Technology

Make Your Brand Unskippable

Get your brand into content across TV, film, and music videos to create a deeper connection with audiences that traditional ads can’t reach.

Find Your Place

Our AI gets you placed into the best content for your audience. There’s a wide variety of opportunities including scripted & unscripted, daytime & late night TV, partnerships & promotions, and music.

Get the Edge

Whatever audience you need to reach, our custom-built AI will identify the best content opportunities for your brand.

The BEN Difference


Branded moments that live inside of content build relevant relationships with ad-avoiding customers and make your brand part of the cultural conversation.


Coverage in every major production hub and founding partnership with the Property Masters Guild allows unique access to any location, studio or platform.


Transparent reporting and industry-leading measurement show ROI based on brand lift, sales attribution, or integration into your existing model.

BEN Product Placement in the News

Start Getting Results Across TV, Film, & Music Video

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