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Influencer Marketing Experts.

BEN is the leading provider of influencer marketing solutions. With over 10 years of experience, we were the first company to integrate brands across the world’s most engaged creator communities.

Why BEN?

Access to 500,000+ Global Influencers.

From Mexico to China, we provide international access to target your consumer by influencer size, categories of interest, demographics, and key markets.

Next-gen Predictive Analytics

Utilizing 30 years of industry-leading data, BEN's custom-built, deep learning neural networks increase campaign performance and overall ROI.

Solution Agnostic

BEN represents the brand, not talent, providing you the best solution across any platform or community, on time and on budget.

Rapid Scale

Our white-glove service and proven systems guide brands throughout the campaign process, allowing us to scale campaigns quickly and efficiently.

BE a part of
the Conversation.

Digital formats aren't a trend, but a major shift in the way we watch content. We offer brands extremely high engagement across every social platform, from Instagram stories to music videos.

No matter the medium, our influencer marketing solutions make your brand top of mind and part of the consumer conversation.

Market Leading AI.

As a Bill Gates company, our technology is pioneering the next generation of deep learning and predictive analytics.

  • Guaranteed reach and views, supported by AI to predict campaign performance
  • Ingestion of structured and unstructured data sets to provide the most comprehensive analysis of campaigns available today
  • Custom neural networks, built specifically for clients, to meet their brand's individual needs and provide a competitive advantage