Brand Opportunities in Post-Production

Many client opportunities arise during the later stages of production that may not have existed during physical production.  One of the corner stones of our business is building relationships and providing continuous support for a production throughout the life cycle of a project.  As we worked with the filmmakers on “The Wedding Year” our support[...] Learn More

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Gaming Downloads Into Public Consciousness

Gaming’s moment has officially arrived. At the end of 2019, the gaming community already included more than 2.5 billion gamers worldwide who spent over $152 billion to enjoy their favorites across all platforms. That’s more than double the revenue the movie and music industries received combined over the same time period. Gaming-related entertainment has also[...] Learn More

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How BEN is Becoming a Force for Change

Brands can help change the hearts and minds of millions online. These are the steps we're taking to become a force for change in the fight against hate speech and misinformation.

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What to Watch on NBCUniversal’s Peacock

Peacock—NBCUniversal’s streaming service—has arrived with a slate of original content and plenty beloved classics. Here to ruffle the feathers of fellow platforms, Peacock will strut its stuff in the increasingly competitive streaming wars. From the fresh and new programs to fan-favorites of years past, here are our picks for the must-see content on Peacock. Our[...] Learn More

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The Remarkable Reach and Impact of Music Video Integrations

While the forum for watching music videos has evolved considerably since MTV’s debut in 1981, audience demand for music video content has never been higher. In 2019, audiences collectively watched over 400 billion on-demand video streams, up 41% from 2018 [*Source: Nielsen]. In the wake of COVID-related stay-at-home orders, video viewership has climbed even higher,[...] Learn More

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What to Watch on HBO Max

The end of May introduced the newest streaming service to enter the ring: HBO Max. The launch was essentially a rebrand of HBO Now, cutting the cord on requiring a cable subscription for users to access content. While there’s not much in the realm of “new” content, HBO Max is loaded with fan favorites beloved[...] Learn More

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