Many client opportunities arise during the later stages of production that may not have existed during physical production.  One of the corner stones of our business is building relationships and providing continuous support for a production throughout the life cycle of a project. 

The screen elements were added in post-production.

As we worked with the filmmakers on “The Wedding Year” our support covered all aspects of production and extended into post-production.  By understanding the story, we identified a meaningful story point when lead Sarah Hyland creates a website for her photography.  With this insight into both character and story, an incredible opportunity for our client,, was born.  With our continuous support of the film and the team, we understood the challenges they were facing and how a brand like could help be a solution.  These are the moments where you catch lightning in a bottle and the moment becomes a win for both the brand and the film.  

Inserting a Wix website in post-production in “The Wedding Year”

The big difference for this particular Wix placement?  The entire opportunity was secured and executed long after the cameras stopped rolling.

When working with our production partners, BEN collaborates during the entire life cycle of a project, which includes pre-production, production and post-production.  This allows us to fully understand the project and understand the moments and opportunities that will be meaningful for our clients.  We collaborate directly with production teams to provide digital assets, visuals or product needed.  This occurs both during physical production and post-production when elements are added in the edit and the project moves toward final picture lock.  There’s a reason why they say a film comes alive in the edit bay.

Another example of a post-production placement from “The Wedding Year”

Filmmakers and storytellers are incredibly precious with their work… as they should be.  Every single aspect you see on frame involves months, if not years of work and teams of people who meticulously create that environment to serve their story.  We have always been and will always be respectful of that and our production partners.  By working with the production teams directly, we place brands, whether during production or in post-productions that help serve the story, its characters, but most importantly, with the blessing of the storytellers themselves.  The trust we build with the community not only secures the moments at hand but opens doors for many more opportunities down the road.

By working with storytellers early on, we strive to create meaningful moments for our clients and for brands to be a part of the story.  This includes placing brands that make sense or in many cases, creating moments that didn’t originally exist.  As we continue working with our clients, post-production placements offers tremendous value for clients to integrate authentically into story.  It will continue to be a part of the robust process we have to integrate our clients in content throughout the entertainment landscape.