Pulling together an influencer campaign that reaches millions is not an easy task, but it IS possible with the right influencer marketing strategy—and a boost from AI technology. Let’s draw back the curtain for a look at what goes into the massive project.

Influencer Identification

Once terms and contract are finalized, right away we find the most crucial part of a campaign: the influencer list. When building the list, it’s important to take into account more than just follower count or name recognition and look for creators who are a good fit for the brand.

At BEN, we use proprietary AI to make sure an influencer’s audience, views, and engagement—including predicted click through rate (CTR), bot percentage, engagement rate and story opens—will deliver on the brand’s KPIs. Our AI also spots accounts that are unsafe to use and flags them to the team. Gathering as much data as possible is critical, as the more info you have, the more it becomes like putting together a puzzle with just the right pieces.

Human + AI Collaboration

Once the perfect cyborg (AI and human combination) list has been created, the brand determines which creators are the best fit, and then our team gets started.

We use AI and estimated pricing models to assemble the most impactful lineup according to the goals. At that point, AI helps prioritize based on CTR, view predictions, and cost. This is helpful when working with new creators, as AI gives our team a baseline to work from and allows us to strategically plan a campaign based on the insights of AI with the intuition of a human.

Connections That Matter

This is where strong ties with large creators and their managers become key to execution. To pull off a large campaign at scale it takes relationships, great communication overall, and effective communication with contact. It certainly helps if there’s an existing relationship, as that guarantees rapport and understanding in communications that can help accelerate the contracting.

AI-Driven Optimization

As the content goes live, our team will analyze the content and make adjustments to the campaign in real time. If the campaign is delivering low in one way or another, we look to AI-driven insights to optimize the remaining content.

Once the team has enough content, a custom model can be built for the brand based on campaign performance, allowing for continued improvements to both content and creators used to ensure improved results over time. This step usually happens on a second campaign with a brand as a minimum amount of data is required.

The Winning Combination

These custom models work best in the long run as they help brand marketers identify top-performing creators to maximize results and improve audience engagement. The combination of data and human intuition is the perfect pair for influencer marketing right now and as we move into the future.