Music plays a greater role in our lives than perhaps any other form of entertainment. Seventy-four percent of millennials say that music defines who they are.  Of the top 50 YouTube videos of all time, 46 of them are music videos.  Since the launch of YouTube in 2005, 29 music videos have amassed over 2 billion views each.  

Halsey hosts the Three Olive’s Party at Coachella in Palm Springs

We have a voracious appetite for music and technology has only begun meeting that demand. In 2018, overall on-demand music streaming surpassed 900 billion streams, an increase of 43% over the prior year. The first half of 2019 saw over 174 billion on-demand video streams; up 39% from 2018.  Like so much other content, consumers’ access to music is growing exponentially.  Moreover, consumers’ appreciation of music has created a plethora of marketing opportunities, as evidenced by several recent industry surveys:

The Brand Opportunity

Brands seeking to benefit from their consumer’s connection to music have several ways to authentically do so.  Licensing a hit or buzzworthy song commands audience attention. Organic brand integrations in music videos, which regularly garner millions of views, connect a brand to an artist’s fanbase.  Custom branded content (e.g. tour diaries, intimate performances/behind the scenes footage, exclusive ‘presented by’ livestreams) gives a brand even more control around messaging, fosters a deeper connection with the artist’s audience, and allows for more brand-direct interaction via link-outs, contests, and social reposting. Tour and festival sponsorships broaden fan engagement and bring one’s artist partnership to life on a grand scale.

Most effective of all is a holistic strategy which gives the brand a variety of consumer  engagement points. Picture an alignment wherein the brand simultaneously supports the artist’s tour,  creates customized content which the artist shares across their social channels, integrates into the artist’s music video, and leverages the artist’s music for traditional advertising spots. This seamless a partnership cultivates a consistent musical identity for the brand and results in passionate fan/consumer support.

If you navigate to a Nike playlist on Spotify, do you not expect to hear anthemic, motivating tracks? How many times have you Shazam’d the music soundtracking an Apple spot? Brands like these have invested in a long-term music strategy, so we automatically link them and our love for music. Mastercard and others have iterated on the concept by creating musical logos (or ‘mogos’) which can be modified by musical genre, making the brand a part of their consumer’s everyday soundscape.

BEN Music & Brands

Visible integration into ‘Spicy’ by Herve Pagez & Diplo

At BEN, our foray into music was a natural extension of what we already do best: Partnering brands with impactful entertainment content. Coupling our industry connectivity with a history of video integrations, artist partnerships, music supervision and clearances, BEN Music is uniquely equipped to source and deliver 360 brand/music solutions at scale, empowering brands to realize meaningful ROI from music’s universal appeal.

Leveraging our creative ideation and aptitude for savvy artist-brand pairings, we specialize in developing bespoke campaigns that also serve the brand, artist and audience to deliver authentic alignments that drive the most passionate engagement. We’ve deployed these strategies for a number of successful campaigns, including the following:

Music Moves Consumers

It’s clear that any brand interested in deeply engaging with its target consumer should include music partnerships in its overall advertising strategy. When deployed via integrated, scaling solutions like those BEN provides its clients, the results can be far more impactful than a one-off ad spot or a single video integration. An authentic, 360 approach to music is what the market demands. With the right partner developing and deploying custom music strategies to best serve your brand, you’ll find there are more opportunities to meet that demand than ever before.