SHERMAN OAKS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BEN Group, Inc., which connects global brands to consumers through the power of popular entertainment, announced today its most successful quarter ever. BEN Group’s influencer marketing and brand integration business, BEN, saw revenue increase 83 percent over Q1 2018 and 99 percent over Q1 2017. With a 127 percent increase in bookings during Q1 2019 over Q1 2018, the company is poised to continue its strong performance throughout the year. In Q1 alone, BEN delivered 2,500 integrations and is on track to deliver 10,000 for the year – a 50 percent increase over 2018.

“I cannot commend my team enough for their hard work quarter after quarter, ensuring we continue to not only hit, but surpass our goals”

Ricky Ray Butler, CEO of BEN Group, Inc.

BEN’s high-grossing quarter was supported by the growth of existing accounts and the addition of new clients, including Tik Tok, Old Navy, Frito-Lay and Supercell. Notable integrations BEN facilitated during this period include Zillow in Jimmy Kimmel Live, Orange Theory in Queer Eye, Dyson in Broad City, Cheerios in Grace and Frankie, Microsoft Surface in Sex Education and an influencer campaign for Tik Tok that featured collaborations with MatPat, Funhaus and Agent 00.

BEN Group’s global rights clearance and licensing business also had a strong quarter with the launch of a new Steve McQueen menswear program and rights clearances for ad campaigns by Comcast, Tesco and Campfire, among others. The company also began content and event sponsorships representation for CVX Live and Drybar Comedy.

“I cannot commend my team enough for their hard work quarter after quarter, ensuring we continue to not only hit, but surpass our goals,” said Ricky Ray Butler, CEO of BEN Group, Inc. “BEN’s financial accomplishments in Q1 were matched by our advancements in AI. We are not only utilizing the recommendations from our deep learning algorithms to improve the success of client campaigns but are also using them to combat influencer fraud. I am particularly excited about our new algorithm that is demonstrating success at predicting viewership for first season television shows, giving clients early insight into where their investments will drive the greatest value. As the advertising industry continues to evolve and find new ways to connect with audiences, we’re constantly pushing ourselves to stay at the forefront of that change.”

Building on the success of its deep learning algorithms, BEN has developed a proprietary process for combatting influencer fraud using AI that combines bot detection with overall measurement of channel health. This allows for increased campaign optimization to drive real results. BEN continues to work with marketers to develop custom algorithms based on individual client needs in an effort to more accurately predict the performance of influencer marketing campaigns. Beyond leveraging the technology for influencer marketing, BEN has extended its AI capabilities to television, developing a new deep learning algorithm that is over 10 percent more accurate at predicting viewership for initial season broadcast television shows than its previous algorithm.

Continuing to showcase expertise in the space, BEN executives took the stage at major industry events during Q1 including CES, BrandStorytelling, SXSW, VidCon UK and Adweek Elevate’s AI conference.