The Integration Experts from Branded Entertainment Network give their 2018 trend predictions for the influencer marketing space.

How can marketers who are ready to fully embrace influencer marketing ensure they are getting it right in the coming year? Branded Entertainment Network’s global chief campaign officer has five points to consider. Read the full five predictions on Campaign US.

Social networks have grown to be an important part of any brand’s strategy, for both customer service and for social selling. Biz Report spoke to a Chief Campaign Office, Ricky Ray Butler, about how brands can improve their social strategy while ensuring social presence is in line with the overall brand experience. Read the full interview on

2017 has brought some difficulties in advertising, with marketers having to deal with ad fraud, concerns around brand safety and increasing use of ad blocking. So, what’s an advertiser to do to get their brand message out to consumers in 2018? BEN’s Head of European Partnerships, Mark Basset, thinks the answer will be an explosion in influencer marketing spend. Read his full 2018 prediction here