This holiday is looking different than others as e-commerce is set to explode by 30% in 2020 (according to eMarketer). At the same time, social media use has taken off during the pandemic with consumers spending an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes per day on social networks and messaging apps.

90% of consumers plan to do their shopping online this holiday season. With tools and creative strategies to effectively drive sales there—and fast—using influencer marketing, brands should make this part of their marketing mix this season and beyond. Here are three brands seeing amazing results from influencer marketing.

Driving Mass Awareness for a Product Launch — Ubisoft Just Dance

Leading game developer Ubisoft wanted to create massive awareness around the newest title and holiday launch of the popular ‘Just Dance’ game series. During the holiday season last year, BEN tapped some of the biggest TikTok influencers, including Loren Gray, to star in a TV spot and create a mix of derivative photo and video content to live on Ubisoft’s owned channels.

BEN also worked with creators to develop video concepts for their dance moves with a unique twist. Each creator produced videos for their Instagram Stories and leveraged the unique “duet” feature of TikTok by incorporating gameplay clips of the new dance maps. When the #JustDanceMoves challenge launched across TikTok and Instagram it generated over 15 million views across both platforms combined.

The combination of popular creators’ own social reach, unique features native to social platforms, and the ad spot produced a powerful awareness trifecta. The strategy, directed at their younger target demo, introduced new energy into the beloved franchise with a new audience and resulted in solid sales in a matter of weeks.

Driving Physical Sales Through Digital Influencer Activations — BlendJet

BlendJet, makers of a powerful and portable blender, wanted to expand their direct response e-commerce conversions while being most efficient with customer acquisition cost.  

BEN used a combination of human expertise and AI to identify verticals, platforms, and influencers with the most engagement and purchase intent. BlendJet utilized BEN’s hybrid model in order to drive views as well as direct sales, enabling them to increase sales by 457% and decrease customer acquisition cost (CAC) by 48%.

The massive increase in sales and lower CAC was driven by the AI surfacing several critical insights including what content works best. Videos in which the the product and creator remained in the shot performed best. The AI also uncovered that moms, fashion, and interior design influencers provided the best audiences for BlendJet’s products. By accurately determining the best ways to reach and convert audiences, BEN helped BlendJet scale the business while increasing ROI, boosting conversions by 9x after just three months.

Driving Downloads of a Mobile App with Influencers — Noom

NOOM looked to drive app downloads and in-app signups of their fun and easy-to-use programs that help users “develop a healthier relationship with food.” Influencers were employed to showcase how the app helps consumers watch what they eat.

BEN’s AI predicted expected conversion rates from influencers from all different vertical types in order to deliver the lowest cost-per-action campaign possible. Human experts then contracted those influencers to create high-performing content for the brand. Influencers outperformed all expectations while conversion rates increased exponentially, growing 323% in the first three months.

Using AI-driven insights on best-performing verticals and the highest-engaging content, NOOM continued to both optimize performance results and increase scale by 37%. They saw nearly 3x the number of clicks as before. BEN became one of NOOM’s leading affiliate partners, driving the most month-over-month conversions.

Deck the Halls with Influencer Marketing — Get Started Now

Whether you’re focused on driving sales, downloads, or awareness this holiday season, a custom strategy built on data is key to success. BEN brings sophisticated technology and expertise to every campaign, building custom models for each client. During these critical months and into the new year, now is the time to invest in an influencer strategy that will get your brand into the conversations and in front of the consumers that matter.

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