The world is in need of a pick-me-up, and the internet is full of entertaining and feel-good content to provide it. But knowing where to look and what new channels to hit the subscribe button on can be a chore, so we did the work for you.

Here are the channels worth following and videos worth checking out as you turn to social to not feel so distanced.

Videos You Should Watch:


How To See Germs Spread (Coronavirus) | Mark Rober | Science & Education
Mark is always well thought out and detail-oriented in his videos, and this one is no different. Given how much information is swirling online regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, he walks viewers through germs and how they spread in a way that truly educates versus initiating panic or fear.
– Rachel Libby, Influencer Team Lead


The Epic Hand Washing Parody | Peter Hollens | Comedy & Music
All-around good guy and long-time music YouTuber Peter Hollens puts some of the most popular songs to use in helping reinforce just how important good hygiene is during these troubling times.
– John Carle, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development


Community Cardio with David Dobrik and Kevin Hart | LOL Network | Fitness & Comedy
Kevin Hart does a series that goes through different workouts with celebrities. For this one, it’s all about getting people motivated to start working out again. David and Kevin lead the Los Angeles community in a workout, but David hasn’t worked out in AGES, so it’s hilarious!
– Jericka Fernandez, Sr. Manager of Client Services and Strategic Partnerships


A DAY AT HOME ALONE | Estée Lalonde | Lifestyle
Very real talk from a creator letting her audience know what staying home means to her, and then helping them deal with it.
– Caroline Ensler, Senior Coordinator


Why 98 Million Adolescent Girls Aren’t In School | YouTube Originals | Science & Education
1. Michelle Obama is in it! 2. Michelle Obama, I mean come on, talk about women empowerment! 3. Liza Koshy! Feel-good video talking about the importance of girls getting an education in communities everywhere.
– Jericka Fernandez, Sr. Manager of Client Services and Strategic Partnerships


Mental Health Tips from People Who’ve Been There | vlogbrothers | Health & Wellness
Great mental health advice from staples of the YouTube community.
– Abby Grout, Sr. Director of Strategy & New Business


Nerf Trick Shots | Dude Perfect | Sports
Who doesn’t love a good trick shot compilation? The Dude Perfect crew does the (seemingly) impossible again, this time with the help of some stylish and next-level Nerf guns. You’ll be in awe for four straight minutes.
– Sean McGowan, Marketing Manager


I turned my home into a Halloween WONDERLAND… in March | Glam&Gore | Lifestyle
Helping people cope with all of the chaos, this video ties into the “halfway to Halloween” moment while helping showcase isolation in small groups.
– Abby Grout, Sr. Director of Strategy & New Business


We Made HUMAN SIZED Candy Buttons… How Do They Taste? | The King of Random | Food
Who doesn’t have positive feel-good nostalgia for candy buttons? #ComfortFood
– John Carle, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development


Astronaut Chris Hadfield Reviews Space Movies, from ‘Gravity’ to ‘Interstellar’ | Vanity Fair | Entertainment
Always great to see the perspective of experts and their take on Hollywood.
– Abby Grout, Sr. Director of Strategy & New Business


Big Sean Goes On a Spiritual Journey While Eating Spicy Wings (Hot Ones) | First We Feast | Food
Hot Ones is probably my favorite series on YT. This is their latest video where they interview Big Sean as he preps to drop his next album!
– Jericka Fernandez, Sr. Manager of Client Services and Strategic Partnerships

Channels Worth Subscribing To:

Good Mythical Morning | Education & Comedy
A daily show now in its 17th season. Wholesome, entertaining content for all ages.
– Nic Iannone, Lead Campaign Manager

Dude Perfect | Sports
Dude Perfect is the channel you’ll find yourself watching for more time than you bargained for. Every video is full of exciting content from insane trick shots to breaking world records. Great channel with lots of amazing content.
– Micah Lund, Campaign Coordinator

Mark Rober | Science & Education
A former Nasa scientist and Apple engineer who makes interesting educational content that is fun and easy to engage with for all ages. He’s also doing a livestream a few days a week to give kids who are quarantined access to quality education.
– Nic Iannone, Lead Campaign Manager

Antoni | Food
Antoni Porowski—one of the Fab Five from Netflix’s hit series Queer Eye—hosts leftovers-inspired cooking tutorials posted daily.
– Abby Grout, Sr. Director of Strategy & New Business

Matt Steffanina | Dance
If you’re looking for some new dances moves, look no further than Matt Steffanina! On his main channel you can see choreographies with popular music, and then on his second channel you can learn the moves yourself!
– Jericka Fernandez, Sr. Manager of Client Services and Strategic Partnerships

Cleetus McFarland | Autos & Vehicles
Cleetus is a car enthusiast who combines a “Duck Dynasty” feel with that of a millennial who loves cars. Hs typical videos are 20 mins long, and I’ve enjoyed watching their weird ‘King-of-the-Hill’ type content. He uploads every two days, so you should be able to get a lot of Cleetus if you want!
– Kyle LaPlant, Lead Influencer Marketing Manager

TheTimTracker | Lifestyle
For those Disney enthusiasts like myself, this channel is a must. When you’re looking to fill the void of not being at parks, Tim takes you on location and lets you feel like you’re there experiencing the magic itself through ride POVs (points-of-view), dining, shopping, casual strolls on Disney property, and more.
– Sean McGowan, Marketing Manager

Watching Sam The Cooking Guy on YouTube is like hanging out with your next-door neighbor as he fires up the grill. He’s practical, funny, and naturally good at cooking. I’ve made 10+ of his recipes so far. He’s got a series of videos right now called “Lockdown Munchies” with items you can make while we are all enjoying quarantine.
– TJ Beach, Lead Campaign Manager

nigahiga | Comedy
Ryan Higa always finds things to say or skits to write about his life or common topics in pop culture. I’ve enjoyed keeping up with him over time.
– Micah Lund, Campaign Coordinator

The Try Guys | Comedy
After leaving Buzzfeed as their most popular content hub, The Try Guys have continued to evolve and grow as a brand all on their own.
– John Carle, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development

How to Cake It | Food
She makes real-like cakes and showcases the step-by-step process so you can bake along with her if you like.
– Jericka Fernandez, Sr. Manager of Client Services and Strategic Partnerships

TheStradman | Autos & Vehicles
James is a super car enthusiast who resides in Park City, Utah! He has everything from 6×6’s to Lamborghinis, and he typically uploads a few times a week. His content is centered around racing and modding supercars or getting out and taking drives around the beautiful state of Utah.
– Kyle LaPlant, Lead Influencer Marketing Manager