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Compelling Philanthropy

Energizing Gift Giving Through Entertainment

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2019 was a record year for philanthropic organizations as Americans increased their generosity by 5.1%, giving nearly $450 billion to their chosen causes. Individuals accounted for a full 69% of that total making it incredibly important for organizations to connect directly with donors to fund their work. In four of the last five years, charitable giving by individuals has grown proving that Americans make giving a priority. (Giving USA) Even in a remarkably tough year, when the 2020 numbers are final, the totals are expected to be strong. 80% of donors plan to continue or increase the size of their gifts in the midst of the pandemic. (Fidelity Charitable) Through the first part of the year, charities saw a 6% increase in smaller gifts of $250 and under. (AFP)

What motivates donors to choose from the many causes competing for their donation? A recent study from the Network For Good identified the 7 reasons donors give, as well as the top reason that will keep them from donating:

– They’re mission driven
– They trust your organization
– They get to see the impact
– They have a personal connection to your cause
– They want to be part of something
– You’ve caught their attention
– They want tax benefits

The #1 reason why donors stop giving:
They don’t know how their gift is being used
(Source: Network for Good 2020)

Understanding these motivating factors is one thing. Effectively communicating with the largest and most important pool of donors is another. Branded Entertainment Network’s data driven approach to product placement has identified talk show integrations as a key driver of success for philanthropic organizations. Leveraging trusted voices to communicate the mission and impact of your organization gets donors’ attention, builds trust and generates a personal connection to your cause.

BEN’s expertise and data-driven approach to show selection allowed us to pair our partners with hosts that reach the right audiences and that have the right communication style to convey the most important messaging for driving perception and action.

— Anne Biskin
BEN SVP, Client Services



Viewer Consideration for Donation


Overall Brand Rating
Source: BEN Primary Research

Recently, a philanthropic organization leveraged the power of daytime television to bring awareness to their efforts and their mission. By featuring the stories of individuals aided through the organization’s work on Dr. Phil and Inside Edition, viewer consideration to donate increased by +10% and its brand rating increased by +18%.

As nonprofits seek new ways to connect with new donors, integration into daytime, late night, and scripted television provide an untapped opportunity to communicate their mission and the impact they are having.

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