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What started as 500 choices in 2008 has grown to 1.85 million apps available for consumer download in the Apple iOS store in 2020. Meanwhile, another 2.56 million apps are available in the Google Play Store. (Business of Apps) Mobile device users have an endless array of opportunities for entertainment, shopping, and social connection on the device they use to manage their lives. How do developers and brands compete to get more downloads, generate more usage and highlight the everyday value of their app? Product placement offers apps nearly endless opportunities to be used in real life situations that drive narratives, create moments and star alongside the characters themselves as they navigate through their stories.

market reach of app categories u.s. mobile users

Source: Verto Statista Report

From social media use and gaming, to travel and finance, the apps that have the highest utility are on nearly all of our phones. What’s more, popular app categories are opened time and again in nearly every circumstance. Just like the car a character drives or the beer they drink can help us immediately understand an aspect of their lives and personalities, apps can also be essential in character development. Producers and screenwriters now actively look for apps to feature in programs since the game, shopping app or dating platform a character is interacting with can help the audience understand who they are based on what they’re doing and which app they are using.

Recent research by Branded Entertainment Network highlights the positive effects of featuring apps within content. A home security client showed off the power their app offered users in home protection while being used by characters in the Mindy Kaling produced Never Have I Ever, and in Playing with Fire starring John Cena. The former increased viewer belief that the brand was moving in a positive direction by 23 points. The latter increased viewer usage consideration for ADT by 11 points.

Mobile device usage is obviously integral to our day-to-day lives. Nearly every production is looking for an engaging app to feature in content to make characters more real and relatable. App brands have an unprecedented opportunity to align with impactful moments on- screen and differentiate benefits in real life situations that bring your app to life in a way that’s only possible through product placement.

— Erin Schmidt
BEN Chief Product Placement Officer

Home security app integrations

Never Have I EverPlaying With Fire
+23 points+11 points
Brand directionPurchase consideration

home improvement app integration


Website Visitor Conversion
Total Audience

Additionally, a home improvement client showed off the ease of use in making design decisions in the CW
show, Walker. In the two weeks following the air date, viewers of the placement were 31% more likely to visit the company’s website when compared to unexposed audiences. Proof positive that product placements in television and films drive consumers to take action online and in app stores.

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