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The U.S. Hispanic Entertainment Explosion

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For brand marketers looking to drive growth and market share, reaching U.S. Hispanics is vital. Over the past decade, the market has grown by 52%, making this the most significant driver of population growth in the country. Simultaneously, Hispanic GDP is growing 72% faster than the overall U.S. economy with consumer consumption increasing 133% faster than non-Hispanic consumption.

U.S. Hispanic market facts



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point drop in cable subscriptions
Source: H Code 2021 Hispanic Digital Fact Pack

To reach these consumers, marketers need to embrace strategies that engage a relatively young and tech-savvy population. Authentic content that represents and reflects this diverse population is critical as traditional advertising is unlikely to connect with these consumers. While 77% of Hispanic consumers are spending more time watching streaming content than before the pandemic, cable subscription rates have dropped 8 percentage points in only a year. Understanding which shows and movies will connect with your key consumers while embracing the fact that they are flocking to the ad-free environment of streaming platforms is paramount to your brand’s growth strategy.

Shows and movies most likely to connect with U.S. Hispanic consumers — and content made by Hispanic producers in the States and abroad — have never been more accessible or popular due to streaming platforms. This ad-free entertainment has proven to connect with U.S. Hispanic audiences at a scale not found in other mediums. Brands that embrace getting inside the content with product placement benefit from reach and engagement not achievable by other means.

U.S. Hispanic consumers are as diverse in taste as we are in nationalities; we consume English-language mainstream content but also have great passion for content in English and in Spanish that reflect our stories, our characters, and our culture. Getting inside content that speaks to our shared experiences is the best way for brands to make impactful connections that drive real engagement.

— Jacqueline Fernandez-Verdecia
BEN Director, Brand Partnerships

the success of hispanic focused content

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