Looking for something good to watch? You’re not alone. BEN’s team of entertainment enthusiasts picked out their favorites across TV, film, and music for you to stream during your time at home.

Depending on what mood you’re in, we’ve broken it down by genre to give you top choices by category, as well as a bunch of other titles to consider. Still need more convincing? Check out reviews and commentary below.

Happy watching!

Top 3 Picks by Genre:

Other Titles Worth the Watch:

Why They’re Worth the Binge

The Farewell | Amazon | Film – A heartfelt story about a young woman and her family that travels back to China to say goodbye to her dying Grandmother, only the Grandmother is the only one that doesn’t know she’s sick.  Incredible performances, especially from lead actress Awkwafina in a role vastly different than we’ve seen from her traditionally.  It’s a story that truly unifies a global audience and showcases that no matter where you come from or what language you speak, there are universal themes of family, love, and togetherness that we as a people can all relate to.
Billions | Showtime | Series — A peak behind the curtain of wealth, corruption, and power in the New York financial sector that has impacts all around the world.  This flagship series in the Showtime slate encompasses incredible casting, writing, and performances by the amazing talent in this show. It truly sheds light on the fact that no matter how much money or power you have, your worst enemy is often yourself.
– Will Park, Executive Director of Integration

Cheer | Netflix | Docuseries — Follows the nationally-ranked Navarro College cheer team from Corsicana, Texas as they prepare to compete in the National Cheerleading Championship.  If we lost you at Cheer, we urge you to reconsider this feel-good show.  From the crazy stunts, to the passion and heart this team has, to the injuries (and there are plenty!), This show will have you on the edge of your seat waiting for the moment when you can answer, “do they win!?”.  Plus, we all need a little Jerry in our lives right now.  (You will know what we mean, give it a G-O!)
I Am Not Okay With This | Netflix | Series -– This coming-of-age comedy follows an awkward teenage girl as she navigates the trials and tribulations of high school while dealing with her budding sexuality and the sudden appearance of mysterious superpowers.  It is superbly acted, with a familiar 80’s tone including a brilliant soundtrack (from the same music supervisor as Stranger Things), and at under 30 minutes per episode, you can binge this series between grocery store runs.  Great escape!
– Breanna Shepard, Director of Content and Integration

Bodyguard | Netflix | Series —  Six-episode thriller about an Afghanistan war veteran now working as a bodyguard who’s assigned to the British government’s Home Secretary.  Bodyguard was the UK’s most watched drama of 2018 and is so full of twists and turns, you can’t and won’t want to look away for a second.  Stars Richard Madden.
What We Do in the Shadows | FX |Series — A must-watch if you were a fan of the movie, of Flight of the Concords, or of Taika Waititi (or if you were one of those people that never quite understood the Twilight franchise). It’s a “mockumentary: following the day-to-day lives of four vampires living on modern-day Staten Island.
– Erin Larnder, Director of Global Content and Integration

Homecoming | Amazon | Series — Julia Roberts makes her TV debut in this compelling one-hour psychological drama based on the podcast of the same name.  Roberts plays a caseworker at Homecoming, a facility that helps soldiers transition back to civilian life.  Years later when the government questions why she left, she realizes there’s a whole other story behind the one she’s been telling herself.  Similar to his work on Mr. Robot, co-creator Sam Esmail does a fantastic job of building tension throughout the season and creating a moody aesthetic.
Modern Love | Amazon| Series — This “dramedy” series is based on the New York Times column in which real-life people contribute weekly essays about relationships and revelations.  Each episode stands on its own and features a great cast including Tina Fey, Dev Patel, and Anne Hathaway.  If you enjoy NY-set TV series that explore dating and relationships, this show is for you.  It’s also fun to read the Modern Love column each episode is based on after watching the series.
– Jillian Raskin, Senior Manager of Brand Integration

Love Island UK | Hulu | Series — This fun British dating series features UK singles that live together in a luxury villa looking for love while hoping to win the hearts of the audience at home, as they’re the ones who decide who stays and who goes. The series is an incredibly fun watch as you get to know the singles and root for the couples that blossom, and hope that the new beautiful single that joined the villa won’t break them up! Plus, you can’t beat the array of the accents from all of over the UK. For long-time fans of unscripted dating shows or those who only recently binge-watched Love is Blind, be sure to check out Love Island UK (now season 6). 
Westworld | HBO | Series — The rich vacationers that visit the park Westworld are able to live out their Wild West fantasies with or on the robotic “hosts” of the park—but when the host’s artificial consciousness find sentience beyond the scripts they were programmed with, the park is forever changed. Every episode reveals a new layer and dark secret. For sci-fi and fantasy fans that may be having withdrawal after the ending of Game of Thrones¸ this series is worth the watch as it’s full of intrigue, unexpected plot twists, and impressive actors. With season 3 recently premiering, you have time to catch up and watch the weekly unfolding of the newest season.
– Mae Rodriguez, Senior Manager of Brand Integration

Curb Your Enthusiasm | HBO | Series — Larry David is back and full of the same lovable antics in the currently-running tenth season. Series darling Cheryl Hines directs Ep. 3 “Artificial Fruit” while longtime producer Erin O’Malley directs Ep. 6 “The Surprise Party”.
The Mind of Aaron Hernandez | Netflix | Docuseries — A must-watch for sports fans and non-sports fans alike. Takes on the complicated life of former Patriots’ player Aaron Hernandez as he goes from promising young draft pick to convicted murderer.
– Stacie McAdam, Manager of Client Services

The Valhalla Murders | Netflix | Series — Netflix’s first Icelandic co-production follows two police detectives as they investigate a series of murders in Reykjavik. Their investigation uncovers a dark secret about a mysterious boys school and internal police corruption. The series will keep you engaged with many twists and turns. 
High Fidelity | Hulu | Series — In a gender swap of the 2000 film version, Zoe Kravitz stars as a record store owner with relationship issues. She decides to revisit her past exes to find out why she’s so unlucky in love. This show is a wonderful mix of romance, comedy, and drama. It’s also a must-watch for any music lover!
– Kendra Menard, Manager of Brand Integration

Schitt’s Creek | Netflix | Series — When a wealthy family suddenly finds themselves broke, they must give up life as they knew it and relocate to a town they had once purchased as a joke: Schitt’s Creek.  This light-hearted show reminds us there is nothing more important than family during challenging times.  Eugene Levy, Daniel Levy, Annie Murphy and Catherine O’ Hara will have you laughing from start to finish.
Hillary | Hulu | Documentary —  ‘Hillary’ pulls down the curtain of both government and the Clintons, giving viewers unprecedented access to Hillary.  She is real, she is raw, and she tells it like it is.  Whether you love her or hate her, this documentary is truly fascinating.
– Stacy Finkelstein, Brand Integration Manager

Money Heist | Netflix | Series — Eight thieves take hostages and lock themselves in the Royal Mint of Spain as a criminal mastermind—known only as ‘The Professor’—manipulates the police to carry out his plan, the biggest robbery in history. Very addicting and cleverly written. Season four will premiere in April 2020.
Red Oaks | Amazon | Series — A coming-of-age comedy set in the “go-go” 80s about a college student enjoying a last hurrah before summer comes to an end, working at the local Country Club. Another love-letter to the 80’s. A very easy watch with a heart-warming narrative.
– Hannah Butters, Senior Coordinator of Global Content & Integration

Queer Eye | Netflix | Series — Five confident queens take on the challenge of helping everyday civilians transform their lives from drab to fab. Every episode tells a new story and reminds us that it is never too late to make changes for a better quality of life.
Booksmart | Hulu | Film — A comedy that tells the story of two childhood friends who are school smart but did not want to partake in party culture throughout high school. Now that graduation is approaching, the girls decide to go wild and have the night of their lives.
– Arielle Chiarelli, Content Coordinator

Digital Festivals and Concerts | Music — Artists are finding creative ways to stay connected with and perform for fans during the pandemic. Ultra Music Fest is an example of a cancelled live event going digital (SiriusXM) with live DJ sets. Beloved artists across genres are doing livestream concerts. Find some of the latest here
Oprah’s Bank Account | YouTube | Music — Lil Yachty, Drake, & DaBaby are just pure blissful fun and levity in a time when we can all use some.
– Jake Terrell, Senior Director of Music and Brand Partnerships