As we take a stand with the millions around the world in the fight against hate speech and misinformation perpetuated on social platforms, BEN is here to help brands demonstrate their solidarity in the social realm and make lasting change through direct and purposeful action.​

We believe in voting and creating change with our messages and our business operations—and with our dollars. As a brand, we must take extra consideration around when and where that budget is spent to maximize the potential impact in the social world.

By pulling advertising budgets away from paid media platforms, we open up the opportunity to leverage those dollars by investing in voices and thought leaders that will create real, positive social change within the social sphere. When partnering with BEN, brands can foster a deeper, lasting impact in the fight against misinformation and hate.

Brands can help change the hearts and minds of millions online. Here are three steps we’re taking to become a force for change.

Step 1: Move Paid Media Budgets to Influencers

Internet hate is increasing rapidly, and we must work together to combat this. The first step is removing and reshaping ad spends that don’t effectively contribute to this goal. It is not enough to simply stop the hate—we must replace it with correct and positive information. By shifting existing budgets to power this initiative, we can support and lift up thought leaders on all platforms: influencers who can be voices of reason, love, and correct information.​

Step 2: Identify and Support the Right Influencers 

As we shift budgets to influencers, identifying the appropriate voices to share the right messaging is essential. We recognize the responsibility we have to our brand partners and to our community, which is why we are committed to only working with creators who embody BEN’s core values of inclusion and diversity.

By coupling our unrivaled proprietary AI with our unmatched in-house influencer expertise, we will identify the best brand-safe voices who align with your values. These creators may already be combating internet hate, clarifying and debunking misinformation, and spreading much-needed positivity. Empowering the right influencers gives brands the opportunity to help shape the future generation. 

A campaign that utilizes influencers who make a positive impact on their communities and align with your brand values will mirror (and likely surpass) the impact on any program it’s replacing.

Step 3: Fight Misinformationwith Influencers

Social media platforms fall short when it comes to vetting misinformation and upholding community bi-laws around hate. Influencers are the antidote to help mitigate this problem and contribute to lasting change.

Influencers serve as authoritative, trusted voices online, with cultural power to steer audiences away from misinformation. In recent months and years, people are inundated with a constant stream of misinformation from friends, family, and strangers. Partnering with trusted voices allows brands to cut through the clutter and curb misinformation quickly. ​

Our Promise

BEN will continue to promise and ensure brand safety by aligning with creators that carry the values we fight to promote, as well as work with influencers who have positive channel health and provide good information.​

By empowering the right influencers on an ongoing basis, we will fight misinformation and hate to help put an end to their destructive effects on the world today.