What Drives the Most Clicks?

Curious as to what drives the most clicks? The BEN team compiled research on traditional digital ads versus influencer marketing to compare average click-through rates (CTR). The infographic below shows the significant increase in CTR for influencer marketing.

Take the average CTR of banner ads for instance. These come in around .05%, while the CTR for ongoing BEN Instagram campaigns are both well over 1%. For BEN campaigns, we find that the average CTR of Instagram stories is 3-5%, and Instagram campaigns in general reach 10-13%.

In addition, the average CTR on traditional YouTube pre-roll ads, are typically .8%. When evaluating influencer marketing, we found that the CTR of ongoing BEN YouTube campaigns are between 1-3%.

Did you know that 30% of users ages 18-34 use AdBlockers? Time to rethink how you’re targeting your audience!

Influencers Drive Marketing KPIs

BEN integrated a popular top video game into a YouTube lifestyle video and the results were impressive! Viewers both recalled and felt more positively about the brand. Of those who recalled seeing one or more brands or products in the video, 3 out of 4 (74%) had the brand as top of mind for unaided recall; aided recall was even higher, with virtually everyone (96%) selecting the brand.

For a top automotive brand, BEN integrated into a series of YouTube lifestyle videos. After watching the video, the audience’s perception of the brand improved. There was a 7% increase from pre-wave to post-wave for consideration to buy/lease a new vehicle. A 14% increase from pre-wave to post-wave for overall brand rating, and a 15% increase in brand direction.

Lastly, BEN compared the reach of a top beauty brand’s videos to three influencer videos. It is clear that the BEN influencer videos had a much stronger reach at 722,298 views.

For more information on influencer integrations, email influencer@bengroup.com