Inside Entertainment: Quick Take 2021 Issue 9

Let’s Watch That Again!

Audiences' Unending Connection With Their Favorite Content

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Series premieres and blockbuster movie openings rightfully get a ton of attention and coverage as audiences get excited about new characters and stories coming into their lives. While these shows may drive significant viewership numbers, the ones with the most value to marketers are often those that have the potential to become constant companions for viewers, creating unique value for brands that align with favorite, memorable moments through product placement. Viewers report returning to their favorite shows and movies at eye-opening rates. More than half of adults say they are likely to rewatch a favorite every week and nearly 3 in 4 say they do so at least once a month. And, despite their familiarity with the content, a full 55% of viewers report paying nearly complete attention while rewatching their favorites meaning brand messaging within content loses none of its original impact for these viewers.

how often do you rewatch your favorite shows and movies

Once a week or more
Once a month or more

Source: BEN Consumer Research October 2021

how closely do you rewatch your favorite shows and movies

Very closely

Source: BEN Consumer Research October 2021

The types of stories that can create connections are varied. Many genres bring audiences back again and again. And while the cold weather of Fall and Winter make audiences more likely to return to their favorite content, the Spring and Summer months create the most rewatch opportunities for 4 in 10 viewers.

The message for brands is clear. Tapping into the power of popular entertainment creates opportunities that drive a lifetime of value for brands. Product placement in television shows and movies allows your brand to engage with your target audience as they come back to enjoy the content they love over and over again.

At BEN we combine 40+ years of experience with best-in-class technology to place our brand partners inside the content your target audience connects with most. Popular shows and movies are watched again and again by the consumers your brand wants to reach, creating valuable connections with your target consumers each and every time they return to enjoy their favorites.

— Dana Campolattaro
BEN Director, Client Services

viewers rewatch favorites across all genres

Comedy 61%
Action 46%
Drama 39%
Horror 35%
Mystery 29%
Romance 28%

top 3 months for rewatching favorites

December 19%
October 14%
January 10%

seasonal breakdown for rewatching favorites

Fall 43%
Winter 20%
Summer 19%
Spring 18%

Source: BEN Consumer Research October 2021

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