Inside Entertainment: Quick Take 2020 Issue 1

Live Streaming

The Return of Appointment Viewing

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T he rise of streaming services and time shifted viewing has delivered an incredible on-demand world where viewers are able to watch what they want, when they want, and on any device they want. With the exception of live sports and news, conventional wisdom has been that audiences want to consume content on their own schedules and in their own time frame. Surprisingly, consumer behavior is proving that there is still a large-scale appetite for live, shared experiences – especially when it comes to influencer content that audiences can interact with in real time. The live streaming industry nearly doubled from April 2019 to April 2020 as audiences consumed nearly 4 billion hours of live content in a single month.

explosive viewership growth

April 2020:3,934B
April 2019:1,971B
Growth: +99%
Source: StreamElements and
* Across Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming, and Mixer

The forces driving this demand are the same ones that have compelled audiences to see a movie on opening weekend or watch must see TV in real time. It is the desire to connect with other enthusiasts in the community and be part of the conversation. What’s new is the ability to engage with the stars as well, and to be acknowledged by your heroes in real time during the stream.

Engaged audiences

Viewers spend 8x longer watching live videos than on-demand
Source: Tubular

This incredibly high engagement moves the needle for brands that support creators. Connecting in real time with enthusiast communities leads directly to more consumer searches, higher click through rates, and increased sales for brands aligned with streamers.

Much like finding a group to watch Sunday football together became a tradition for many, live content and the tools used to do so have become a massive part of our culture. Instead of searching out those with similar interests, you’re able to be dropped into a room with hundreds or thou- sands of people who like the same thing you do — allowing you to experience that excitement with them in real time. When the creator acts as a talented moderator, steering the conversation and giving topics to discuss, it leads to audiences becoming excited to participate and become part of the livestream experience itself.”

— John Carle
BEN VP, Strategy & Business Development


% of viewers who search online for mentioned product while watching
Live stream:60%
Source: Neil Patel

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