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Visual Storytelling Sees New Levels of Popularity

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W hile much has been written about the ex- plosion of streaming music services such as Spotify and Apple Music in 2020, less attention has been paid to the resurgence of music videos. Harkening back to the format’s heyday in the 1980’s and 1990’s, music videos are as popular – and as essential to popular culture – as ever. In 2019, U.S. on-demand music streams crossed the 1 trillion threshold for the first time. While audio was a major part of that growth – rising nearly 24% year-over-year – on-demand music video streams saw an even larger uptick gaining nearly 41%. (Nielsen Music/MRC Data)

U.S. On-Demand streaming music growth 2019

Total: More than 29%
Music Video Streams: Nearly 41%
Audio Streams: Nearly 24%
Source: Nielsen Music/MRC Data

During COVID stay-at-home orders in March, on-demand music video streaming jumped another 100% among ages 25-54. Surprisingly, consumer demand for music videos grew even as interest in audio streams dipped. Nielsen found that audio music streaming volumes in the U.S. were down by 6.2% in the week ending March 19 and by 9.2% in the week ending March 26. Meanwhile, music video streaming volumes increased 9.3% and 13.4%. (Nielsen)


Week Ending:March 19March 26
Music Video Streams:+ 9%+ 13%
Audio Streams:– 6%– 9%
Music Video Streams For Ages 25-54:+ 100% in March
Source: Nielsen

The increased interest in music video offers an opportunity for artists to connect and engage with their fans in new ways. Artists often share behind the scenes footage or bonus material with their fans on social channels, driving interest in the song and the video itself. All of this content also provides opportunities for brands, creating an authentic connection between an artist, a product they love, and the millions of fans tuning into that artist’s content. Consider the “Raro” video released in March by Venezuelan pop duo Chyno Y Nacho. The release racked up 23,174,732 views in the first 30 days of release and has since approached nearly 57 million total views. Lay’s chips integration was not only viewed by these millions of fans, but also has proven to drive more positive opinion of Lay’s among viewers. Even more, 91% of respondents in a consumer study of the integration reported intending to purchase Lay’s after watching the video.

The connection fans have with music artists gives brands a unique opportunity to reach a devoted audience through the captivating video visuals that accompany today’s top hits. The engaged viewing experience leads to better aware- ness of the brands supporting music artists and ultimately, better ROI for marketers.

— Erin Schickner
BEN Manager, Brand & Music Partnerships

chyno y nacho music video results


30 Day Views

Nearly 57 Million

Views At End of October 2020


More Positive Opinion of Lay’s


Purchase Consideration
Source: YouTube; BEN Music Video Effectiveness Research Aug. 2020

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