The Metaverse Will Be Led by Creators

There’s a lot of hype around the metaverse today—and for the most part, it’s too early to say how it will evolve. But there are some trends to be mindful of. Ricky Ray draws from his deep experience in the industry to share what brands and creators need to know.

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Three Ways Brands Can Celebrate International Creator Day on April 23

Brand-creator partnerships are usually about creators amplifying the work of brands. On Creator Day, we encourage brands to flip the script and amplify creators! Whether that be sharing their work online or celebrating milestones together, Creator Day is a chance for brands to build stronger, more rewarding relationships with the creator community.

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Foreign Language Content: More Barriers Fall To Audience Engagement

The reason behind this shift appears to be a simple one: it’s all about access. 79% of those enjoying foreign content report watching more since subscribing to a streaming service. Once the content was easily accessible on their screen, audiences quickly made it a part of their viewing habits. Brands looking to capitalize on the[...] Learn More

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2022 Awards Season ‘What to Watch’ Guide

Get ready for the glamorous gowns, the elegant red carpets, the always guaranteed cringe moments, and multiple hosts that will have us saying… “did this really need a host?” yet asking “where is the host?!” when there isn’t one! Ah, Awards season. We’ve got you covered with this year’s best and boldest on the big[...] Learn More

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