Inside Entertainment: Quick Take 2021 Issue 7

Product Placement’s Increasing Lifetime Value

Bigger Audiences, Younger Viewers, Declining CPMs

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F or brands looking to engage a large audience of consumers as they’re enjoying their favorite content, the long tail of today’s television programming offers an exciting opportunity. Nearly every broadcast and cable network now partners with a streaming platform, creating a second life for programming where new and generally younger viewers add more impressions to the content lifecycle.

In nearly all cases, the jump from linear to streaming brings not only multiples of viewers to the table, it also attracts significantly higher concentrations of the 18-34 year old demographic. This allows brands integrating into popular content to gain the benefit of scheduled network or cable airings while adding the “always-on” value that can only be accessed through streaming platforms. Product placement allows brands the chance to gain the full value of a show’s audience on all platforms tapping into the value missed when only running advertising alongside this content during initial airings.

Perhaps most importantly for marketers, this new reality makes product placement a highly efficient spend. When brands are inside content they benefit from every added impression gained throughout its lifecycle, whenever and wherever that content is watched. Whether that is the day the show drops, 4 weeks afterwards, 4 months afterwards or even 4 years afterwards, the efficiency of product placement only continues to grow.

The chart below compares the efficiency of a product placement campaign vs an advertising campaign using a typical advertising industry CPM. Side-by-side the results are clear. Long after an ad campaign has concluded, product placement continues to add value for brands while continually lowering effective CPMs.

At BEN, we find the right opportunities for clients
to align with popular entertainment that puts their brands within moments that highlight the value of the product, extending the cultural relevance of the content to the product. The more viewers enjoy the content, the more the brand gains credibility with consumers, ultimately leading to consumer consideration and eventually action once the consumer is in a position to take action in a particular category.

— Shaina Silberstein
BEN Senior Director, Client Services

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