To brighten our spirits a little, we bring you the next edition of the “What to Watch” guide.

This time, our team focused on something we can all use more of these days: comedy!  Our recommendations are broken into categories from binge-worthy classics, streaming originals, stand-up comedy specials, family-friendly viewing, and of course… your favorite time, and mine: once the kids are in bed.

Breakdown by Category:

Our Two Cents:

Binge-Worthy Classics:
I’ve found myself re-watching comedies that are like reuniting with old friends, including one-of-a-kind Community (which didn’t get enough love when it aired), about an oddball group of study buddies at a Colorado community college, that often plays with different genres and riffs on pop culture. For light-hearted laughs, I like to hang out at MacLaren’s with How I Met Your Mother as Ted recounts his journey of dating in NY and falling in love.
– Mae Rodriguez, Senior Manager of Brand Integration

Streaming Originals:
Dead to Me is a half-hour dramedy that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final episode. Christina Applegate is hilariously bitchy as a recently-widowed mother with anger management issues, and Linda Cardellini is her new free-spirited friend who might be hiding a secret from her.  There’s a lot of wine drinking, so pour yourself a glass and enjoy. Also, if you haven’t watched Grace & Frankie yet, delight in another female-driven comedy that shows that women in their eighties still got it. Binge the first six seasons while you’re stuck at home before the final season airs next year.
– Jillian Raskin, Senior Manager of Brand Integration

Comedy Specials:
Stand up specials have truly been given a re-birth with the massive investment Netflix has made to bring both household names as well as up-and-comers to their global audience.  From the comedic observations of the many things that bother Sebastian Maniscalco, to the hilarious anecdotes about Joy Koy’s Filipino mother, to the comeback of comedy icon Dave Chapelle, these comedians will keep you laughing and almost help you forget that you haven’t left your house in weeks!
– Will Park, Executive Director if Integration

Laughs with Gen Z:
Comedy is easily my favorite genre.  It is one of those little things that makes life tolerable and lifts spirits when times are tough. Whether you’re into the inner snark of American Housewife, the mockumentary style of Modern Family, or the satire that is The Conners, there is something to satisfy everyone’s comedic taste. I live for those laugh-out-loud moments that provide a welcome escape from the real world and allow me to slip into a moment of belly-laughing bliss.
– Loriel Weiss, Director of Content and Integration

After the Kids Go to Bed:
You will blast through the hilarity of Stephen Merchant in Hello Ladies. It’s a real hidden gem that leaves you wanting more of a glimpse into his entertaining dating life. Speaking of dating, Insecure is a must-watch, and season four is just around the corner. These dynamic characters navigate the waters of their careers and personal lives, and you won’t be able to take your eyes off them. Let Issa’s mirror affirmations inspire you and her charm lift your spirits.
– Stacie McAdam, Manager of Client Services